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Hello everyone

Thank you so much for all the very lovely messages.  It is very satisfying and encouraging for any teacher to feel, at the end of the year, that they’ve helped their students a  little along the way.   

You are a very kind, creative and talented group of children – and a great mix of personalities – and you should look forward to next year with confidence and excitement.  

But, until then, have a lovely summer.

Here’s the final cut of the 4TBM loo roll video!   And here’s a copy of the photos from the year that were enclosed with your reports:  4TBM yearbook

Mr Milne


Morning message – 4TBM pass-the-loo-roll video

Morning 4TBM!   I’m very aware that you have had to put up with my morning videos for nearly 70 school days in a row now and I can only thank you for not complaining too loudly.

For one day only, here’s something better.  It’s one of my favourite things ever.   Huge thanks to Tom’s parents, Emily and James, for putting this brilliant video together.   What a wonderful memento of 4TBM!   But to make it perfect we need the six of you not featured to shoot videos of yourselves today – you can see what you need to do  – and email them to Emily at so that she can add you in.  Just ask someone at home to video you on the phone and remember to pass the loo roll in the right direction!