Magnum – our school dog

Here’s a message from Miss Gallagher about Magnum:

We have a very exciting new starter at Rosendale – Magnum our school dog! Magnum is a 15 week old Cavapoo puppy, who belongs to Miss Gallagher. You can see from the pictures that he is still very small. 

Magnum is still settling in to school life, so will not be coming into classes or meeting children until he feels safe and happy at school and we know that he can interact calmly with the children. It may be that you see Magnum walking through the site before or after school, or in the park in the evenings. 

We have some guidelines we would like all children and parents to follow in these initial stages, to ensure that his well being is a priority. This includes 

  • If you see Magnum at school or in the park, do not run towards him, scream, or call his name, as this may scare or confuse him.
  • If you see Miss Gallagher walking Magnum through school or in the park and you would like a closer look, say to her “Can I say hello?” Miss Gallagher will explain if/how you can interact with him.
  • If Miss Gallagher tells you to move away from the dog, do as she says straight away. It may be that he is scared, or trying to go to the toilet.
  • If Magnum walks up to you and you do not want to interact with him, stand still with your hands by your side. If you run or raise your arms he will think you are playing a game with him and may chase you or jump up.

Author: class4TBM

We are a Year 4 class at Rosendale School in West Dulwich, London.

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