Hockney iPad art

For the last ten years, David Hockney has been producing stunning art on his phone and iPad, some of it hard to distinguish from his hand painted work.  Over the coming weeks, we are going to have a go at iPad art, using Hockney’s work as inspiration. If you have time, have a look at some of his iPad paintings on the web and share your favourite with the class in next week’s art lesson so that we can all have a look at it on the whiteboard.



Steve McQueen’s Year 3 at Tate Britain

We had a very interesting visit to Tate Britain to see artist Steve McQueen’s epic art installation in the gallery’s central hall, featuring 76,000 of London’s then Year 3 pupils, including our class.  The children were encouraged to celebrate that they were part of this extraordinary art collaboration and to recognise that it was the collective hopes, dreams and actions of every young person pictured on the gallery walls – including theirs – that would form the future of London.

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Given our study of the Victorians, it was worth remembering that this wonderful public gallery was founded by a Victorian sugar merchant!