Tom’s bookshelf

Here’s Tom’s bookshelf together with a few of his recent reviews, including of what sounds like a very funny Mr Gum book, and of one of my all time favourites, Anne of Green Gables.


The last Mr Gum book and probably one of the best ones. In this one, Mr Gum is hiding and something is going wrong . Cactuses are growing on the pavements and the clouds are falling out of the sky.  Also, Old Granny keeps finding meat in her sherry. This book is super funny.

Anne is an orphan accidentally sent to Matthew and Marilla . Matthew starts an instant liking to her but it takes a lot of chapters for Marilla to eventually love Anne. I like this book because every chapter is a different story like putting medicine into a cake or getting her friend drunk (by accident of course).

This book is very good . Stephanie is a normal girl until Skulduggery Pleasant comes crashing through her door . Her life suddenly turns into throwing fireballs and manipulating air . I think this book is for ages 7 or 8. I have read many of the sequels and some of them are quite gory.

Book reviewers of the week – Juliette, Chyanne and Kia


Here’s Juliette writing about David Walliams’ Grandpa’s Great Escape and a picture of the old folk’s home where he’s been “put”:  

So far in the story, Jack has a grandfather who was a pilot in the air force in World War II but when he is put into an old folk’s home it is up to him and Jack to escape from the evil matron.






Chyanne’s reading Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene:  

Nancy Drew is a detective.  She solves tons of mysteries but the only mystery she’s trying to crack at the moment is what to get for her dad’s birthday without making a mess!  Nancy lives in River Heights and is well known for her skills. I am enjoying this book because I would love to solve some mysteries too.





Kia’s reading Roald Dahl’s George’s Marvelous Medicine: 

George has made his marvelous medicine and is now cooking it on the stove.  He’s added a lot of animal pills.




Book reviewer of the week – Tom

Each week I’ll post a review by one of the class of the book they’re currently reading.  To get started, here’s Tom’s review of Kid Normal by Greg James and Chris Smith.  What on earth is a tiny horse summoner? 🙂

Kid Normal

Kid Normal is a boy who goes to a secret school, then he discovers that all of his classmates have powers like flying, controlling the weather or making tiny horses.  But he doesn’t have one. Suddenly his school is taken over by an evil villain called Nektar. Murph (Kid Normal), Hilda (tiny horse summoner), Billy (inflator), Nellie (controls the weather) and Mary (flies) team up to save the day.