4TBM today

The class is working really well together – here are some pictures from this morning.  In maths, the children coached one another on placing numbers accurately on number lines between 1 and 1000 and 1 and 10,000.  In English, we learned about adverbial phrases (“fronted adverbials,” we call them, when they are positioned at the start of sentences) and a challenge to the children, working with their partner, was to classify a range of phrases as adverbials of time, place or manner (i.e. adding information about when, where or how an action takes place).   They could give you examples, I hope, if you ask them!   We’ll be trying to use fronted adverbials effectively in the stories we are about to start writing.

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Sage and Scribe

Here’s another structure that the children use to work together in maths (and other subjects) called Sage and Scribe.  One person tells the other how to solve a problem, speaking out loud their thinking and all the steps.  The other follows the instructions unless they think their partner is taking a wrong step in which case they offer coaching.

And here’s a problem that we looked at at the end of the lesson that needed some careful thought and methodical working.