Team 5 reading their autumn poems

Kingsley – your poem did not record.  We’ll do it again.

Harry’s poem:

Squelching through Brockwell Park, I can see
Dogs barking in the wind
Cats hiding from the weather
Leaves falling like feathers.

Walking through Brockwell Park, what can I feel?
It’s damp
It’s cold
The ground is soft and muddy
You can skid in the mud on your trainers
I squish conker shells and take out the smooth shiny conkers.

Walking through Brockwell Park, what can I hear?
Autumn’s song playing in your ear
Parakeets swooping through the air
Leaves crunching under your feet.

Autumn verse

The children experimented with writing verses with a similar rhythm and rhyming pattern to the poem we looked at yesterday.  The idea today was just to have fun and try out some rhymes. We’ll have a go at writing longer poems tomorrow.

School is starting
What a bummer!
Autumn’s coming
Bye bye summer!

Back to school
Acorns, conkers
Rust red leaves
Let’s go bonkers!

Autumn’s here
What a cheer
Pumpkin spiced lattes are back
But I hope there aren’t mice in my flat!

Summer’s ending
Back to school
Lots of friends
Very cool!

Dog’s barking
Conkers falling
Autumn’s here
How appalling!

Summer is ending
Leaves are falling
Dogs are barking
Autumn is calling.

Back to school
Then hibernation
Autumn’s here
An abomination.

Autumn’s coming
Swallows fly
Down to Italy
Swooping through the sky.

Trick or treat!
Scary costumes
Lots of sweets

Shorter days
Brighter lights
Buying presents
What a delight!

Autumn is colourful
Red, brown and green
Prickly conkers
Under the tree.

Summer is over
Autumn is coming
Leaves are falling
Acorns are cracking.

Back to school
Autumn breeze
Grey skies
Golden trees.