Welcome Kingsley!

Most importantly, a warm welcome to Kingsley Imoisili who has joined the class, taking us back to our full complement of 30.

We had a good day.  In maths, we were working with 1000s,  We’ll aim this year to make the children comfortable working with numbers up to 10,000.  In the photo below, the class is using a structure called Quiz Quiz Trade to practise maths skills – you could ask your son or daughter to explain how it works.



In English we discussed what we mean by a story’s setting and tried out language for describing the moon (“The cold silent grey moon shimmered in the darkness of the galaxy – Melisa The moon’s hard bumpy surface was dotted with circular craters – Reuben. The barren, silver moon covered with giant craters glistened in the dark universe – Rafi ) 

In PE, we started to learn to play the fast-moving sport of handball.  Today was mostly throwing and catching skills – we’ll learn more about the game and play some competitive matches over the coming weeks.

Reading journals

The children have all decorated their reading journals with illustrations from books by favourite authors.  Here’s Azeeza’s depiction of the Animals of Farthing Wood.


I’ll try to give the children opportunities to read in the course of each day and there will be longer sessions of independent reading on Thursdays and Fridays (so books will need to go to and from school every day).  The children will also update their journals each week with a narrative about the story-line of their book, the characters in it, predictions about the plot, and anything else they want to say.  Since I’ve been teaching, I’ve yet to come across a child who reads widely and is not flourishing academically and so I’d like to make independent reading an important part of the year.

The class made a start in their journals by writing about the our class book, A Bear Called Paddington.  Here’s what Annie and Kenza had to say. 

Paddington is a very funny very messy bear.   He comes from Darkest Peru. Mr Brown took him to a cafe.  Paddington is a very very messy bear. He stepped in a Victoria sponge and he took a bit of the sticky bun.  When Mrs Brown came back she looked very cross with Mr Brown. Annie

Paddington is a bear from South America.  The place where Paddington is from is called Darkest Peru.  Mrs and Mr Brown found Paddington at Paddington Station so they named him Paddington obviously.  Anyway let me get back to the story. They took Paddington to a cafe where they bought some sticky jam and loads of buns.   Paddington ate all of them. I’m like wow he’s great but he got all sticky and stepped in Mr Brown’s tea!  Kenza

By Melisa
By Hollie