ABBA classic on recorder

Congratulations to Chyanne, Kenza, Sam and others who have composed their own tunes on the recorder and played them to the class.  Do keep them coming.

Today, we listened to the 70s classic pop song Mamma Mia, clapped the pulse and rhythms, sang along – and then played along on the recorder.

I hope your children will give you a demo this evening!  Here’s the soundtrack:



In music today we were clapping learning to clap rhythms.  You could ask your children to clap this one:


Then we had a go at learning another tune on the recorder.   We saw for ourselves what musicians already know:  learning to play a musical instrument is difficult and needs a lot of work and practice!   

It’s important that the children have the opportunity to practise at home in order that we can improve faster and achieve more from the year.   So our plan is to send recorders home with the children later this week and to post the music from each week’s lesson on the blog for them to practise before the next lesson. 

The children will need to bring their recorder to school each Tuesday for the class lesson and return the recorder to school at the end of the year.   If the recorder is lost, we will ask for a donation of £5 to cover the cost of a replacement.