Team 5 reading their autumn poems

Kingsley – your poem did not record.  We’ll do it again.

Harry’s poem:

Squelching through Brockwell Park, I can see
Dogs barking in the wind
Cats hiding from the weather
Leaves falling like feathers.

Walking through Brockwell Park, what can I feel?
It’s damp
It’s cold
The ground is soft and muddy
You can skid in the mud on your trainers
I squish conker shells and take out the smooth shiny conkers.

Walking through Brockwell Park, what can I hear?
Autumn’s song playing in your ear
Parakeets swooping through the air
Leaves crunching under your feet.

Brockwell Park in autumn – poems (1)

The children have written wonderful poems about Brockwell Park.  Enjoy these ones from Kenza, Nyah, Juliette, Alamine, Nate and Sam to start with – the rest to follow in subsequent posts.

Walking through Brockwell Park
What can I see?
Leaves shivering on their branches
Leaves lying on the ground like blotches of paint
Leaves spinning in the air like dancers on ice
Conkers falling from the tree like bombs
Pigeons fighting over breadcrumbs like children diving on sweets from a Pinata

Walking through Brockwell Park
What can I hear?
I can hear autumn saying “I’m back”
Traffic rumbling on Norwood Road
Leaves crunching like a packet of crisps.

Walking through Brockwell Park
What can I feel?
I can feel the chill in the air
The autumn dew coming through my shoes
The sun beaming through the trees onto my cheeks
Warming me
Like a cup of coffee.

Running through Brockwell Park, what can I see?
Leaves coloured
Golden yellow
Salad green
Rose red
That’s what I see!
Chocolate brown
Yum! That’s my favourite stuff!

Walking through Brockwell Park, what can I hear?
The autumn breeze
Whistling past
My ear
Dogs barking
Children playing
Wind blowing
What a chill!
Parakeets singing
Calling me to play
I imagine I’m a parakeet
Flying through the sky

Walking through Brockwell Park, what can I feel?
I feel the autumn breeze
Blowing past my ears
Chilling me.
I pick up a caramel-coloured leaf
I run my finger over the veins
And bumpy edges.

Walking through Brockwell Park
What can I see?
Leaves the colour of chestnut and pumpkin
Diving off the trees
I can see the leaves plumetting down
Making art on the ground.

Walking through Brockwell Park
What can I hear?
I can hear
The wind whispering “autumn’s here”
The parakeets screeching
Up high in the golden trees
The traffic roaring past
Dogs barking
Muffled in the strong breeze.

Walking through Brockwell Park
What can I feel?
The autumn sun
Beaming on my face
The sun sparkling
Through the trees like diamonds
The cold, skiddy grass
Like being on ice

An amber-coloured leaf
Floats to the ground
Like a graceful ballerina landing
I pick up the leaf
Its colourful, leathery, damp surface
Feels like a piece of soft material
Bye, bye summer!

Walking through Brockwell Park what can I see?
Leaves dancing at autumn’s party.
Leaves gliding, twisting and turning like aeroplanes in the sky.
Leaves turning all different colours: gold, brown, orange, yellow and mustard
Pigeons fighting over food like children fighting over toys.

Walking through Brockwell Park what can I hear?
Parakeets calling and screeching.
All the children playing
And running about.
The dogs barking
Chasing squirrels
Playing with their ball.
In the distance, the cars rumbling on Norwood Road

Walking through Brockwell Park, what can I feel
Autumn chill in the sky
The wetness on the grass getting into my shoe.
The sun sparkling on my cheek.
I run and skid
On the wet grass
Slipping and falling and laughing away
Running around
So much fun!

Walking through Brockwell Park
What can I see?
Leaves tumbling down from trees like circus acrobats
Leaves shaking away at their branches
Crowds of leaves on the ground like people at a football match
Bugs crawling around on the wet grass
Spiders hiding in corners of trees

Walking through Brockwell Park
What can I hear?
The autumn breeze inviting me to join in
Parakeets singing a smooth melody
Leaves partying like mad
Children screaming and running.

Walking through Brockwell Park
What can I feel?
I feel dampness in my socks and shoes
Wind blowing at me like a speeding car.

Walking through Brockwell Park
What can I see?
Leaves the colour of toast and marmalade
Shivering on their branches
Waiting for their time to come
To dive down, down, down
Surfing on the autumn breeze
Then muscling for space
Like fans at a football match
Before coming to a rest
And forming a beautiful carpet
Of red, yellow, amber and orange
On the wet muddy ground.

Walking through Brockwell Park
What can I hear?
The sound of autumn calling me
The crunching of crisp leaves
Like bacon sizzling in a frying pan
The wind whistling a tune to me.
Parakeets screeching
Children playing
Dogs barking
At the foot of the tree
Looking for the squirrel
It was chasing.

Walking through Brockwell Park
What can I feel?
The autumn chill in the air
Dew on the grass
The sun’s beams of light burning on my cheeks
But they don’t warm me.

I pick up a rust red leaf
And I run my finger around
Its serrated edges
Feel the leathery texture
And I drop it back down
To rot in the soil.

I run and skid
On the wet grass
I feel the water
I feel that it’s autumn!

Polar bear on Jupiter and other stories

Enjoy these stories – versions of Baboon on the Moon, the animation that we’ve been using as inspiration – by Niccolo, Rufus and Nyah.

4TBM – read the stories through and leave a comment by replying to this post.  You could pick out your favourite sentence(s) or say what it is about your classmates’ writing that you most enjoy.

Polar Bear on Jupiter, by Niccolo

Far, far away, on the other side of the solar system, lies a giant gas planet called Jupiter.  Jupiter is the biggest planet and it has a giant storm that has lasted 350 years. The planet can fit over 2000 Earths.

Polar bear was silent.  He never snored, breathed heavily or moved.  He slept a lot. At exactly 7pm (Jupiter time), his alarm went off playing Jupitarian music from a rock band called the Rolling Moles.  

Polar bear gave a giant yawn, rolled out of bed and stood up with big bags under his eyes.  He was a bit annoyed that his alarm had woken him up so early. After his breakfast, he decided to do his job, taking photos of the red sport, the giant storm on Jupiter.  He grabbed his camera and set off.

With a frown on his face, Polar bear slumped across the planet to his work.  He was going close enough for him to take a photo of the red spot. When he arrived where he wanted to, he snapped a few pictures, but without noticing he was moving forward close enough that… his camera got sucked in!  Polar bear glared at the red spot.  Curse you, red spot, he thought in his head.  

Polar bear watched the camera zooming around in the storm.  He was hoping it might come out and he could catch it, but no chance.   He was really annoyed. Polar bear watched for an hour or two. After a while, he got fed up and trudged home.  

When Polar bear arrived home, he sat on his chair and made a cup of tea for himself.  He sipped it about once in thirty seconds. Polar bear stretched his hand out and “Whoosh!” the camera had whirled back from the red spot straight into his hand.  Polar bear was shocked. He happily sent the photos back to Earth.

Polar bear was delighted.  He went outside and, with a tear in his eye, stared at Earth, especially at the Arctic where he used to live.  After a while he went inside, pulled a book from his bookshelf and went outside. He started reading the book.  It was called Polar bear on Jupiter.


The Saturn Rabbit by Rufus

Far, far away there was a planet called Saturn.  It was a gas giant (so you would probably fall right through it!)

The whole place was creepy silent apart from the wriggling of a rabbit.  He was wriggling like mad!

His alarm went off and made the sound of a bunny singing.  It was a bright morning and good for ice racing. He went to his shed and got his racing gear.  

But as soon as he got there, there was another racer on the ring.  He said, “Can you race me?” The Rabbit said “yes” but then he said that whoever won got to live on the planet.  They raced and the other racer was fast. 

So he pressed the big red button and went as fast as a cheetah and won!  They both shook hands but the rabbit said “Shoo!” and drove away.  

When he got home, his home was a bomb site.  So he tidied up. After that we went to his settee and sat down.  He got his clarinet and played away.  


Cheetah on Neptune, by Nyah

On the other side of the galaxy, there was a planet called Neptune.  Neptune has over 1000 miles per hour winds. It also has 14 moons.

Everything was dark.  The cheetah’s alarm was set to 3am.   She got out of bed and went to brush her teeth. For breakfast she had some toast and sausages and a cup of hot chocolate.  After breakfast, she grabbed her bag and set out in the darkness.

With a smile on her face, she padded to work.  On the way she stopped at one of Neptune’s famous pools so she wanted to have some fun.  And she met her best buddy penguin and they were having the best time ever. Some of Penguin’s friends were there too.  After they had gone crazy, they found a jellyfish and it became friends. Then they were relaxing on the ice chairs while eating chocolate cake.

When it was coming to the evening someone threw a massive party.  In the middle of it, Cheetah’s boss called and said, “Why did you not come to work today?”  

“I was walking to work and then I saw Neptune’s famous pool and I wanted to have some fun.  Sorry,” Cheetah said.  

When it was midnight and the party was over Cheetah was at home taking a relaxing hot bath.  The next day was Mother’s Day and Cheetah had to go back to Earth to celebrate Mother’s day so for a present she chipped a little piece off Neptune and hopped in her rocket.  It became a lovely day and the funny thing was she did not have to go to work.