Reuben’s bookshelf

Enjoy half-term everyone.   I hope you have a good break and read a book.  If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s Reuben’s bookshelf.  I especially like the great mix of books that Reuben’s read.  About Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Reuben says that he “likes the Oompa Loompas but not the chocolate!”   Question:  Who’s a complete horror and hates children, animals, fun, and corn on the cob?  The insane Mr Gum, of course!   If you haven’t read it, there’s nothing else like it, and you should!

Reuben RBC

Rosendale’s bamboo fence – iPad art

To finish our series of lessons on sketching and painting on an iPad, the children had a go at painting the bamboo hedge in the Daley Thompson playground.  They needed more time and we’ll try to come back to this after half term – but here are some works in progress by Macie, Alamine, Sam, Reuben and Oscar.

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Persuasive writing

Enjoy excellent persuasive letters to Ms Atkins from Oscar, Reuben, Rafi and Kia, arguing that we should reduce the amount of single-use plastic at Rosendale.  We’ll have to see what Ms Atkins has to say but they’ve certainly convinced me.

Dear Ms Atkins

As a person who cares about our planet, I am writing about the issue of single-use plastic in Rosendale Primary. The main problem in our school is the plastic cups in afterschool and breakfast club.

Did you know that 500 billion plastic cups are used every year? We do not want to be part of that. It is a shocking fact that five trillion plastic bags are used worldwide each year – and 99% are thrown away.  Not only that but there is more than one tonne of plastic for every person alive today.

The impact of plastic is a big problem for our environment. We should all be aware of the following facts:
– There are five trillion pieces of plastic in all the world’s oceans
– Experts think that there will soon be more plastic in the sea than fish
– 100,000 animals are killed by plastic each year.

I am sure you will agree that we need to do something about the amount of plastic we use at Rosendale. This is an important problem that we need to turn around. We should take the decision to ban plastic cups in breakfast club and afterschool club.

Yours sincerely

Oscar de Cruz

Dear Ms Atkins

I’ve wanted to tell you about single-use plastic for ages now. The main problem in our school is with us using single-use plastic cups in afterschool club and it’s terrible!

Did you know that five trillion plastic bags are used every year? Even more shocking, one million plastic bottles are used every minute. It is also a sad truth that 500 billion disposable cups are consumed every year.

The impact of single-use plastic is getting worse by the minute, literally, because hundreds of plastic bottles are thrown away every minute. The following facts make the problem clear:
– ⅓ of turtles (which mistake plastic for jellyfish) have died
– 100,000 sea animals die each year
– 9/10 of seabirds have eaten plastic
– Experts think that by 2050 the amount of plastic in the ocean will weigh more than the amount of fish.
– The Pacific Garbage Patch is three times bigger than France
– There are five trillion pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans.

I’m sure you’ll agree that you should let us be the leaders and we could stop using plastic cups. This is an issue that young people who care about our planet can understand and they can help us change the world.

Yours sincerely

Reuben Walusimbi

Dear Ms Atkins

Most people know that single-use plastic is a danger to the Earth and at Rosendale we use too much of it. The main way Rosendale is adding to the global problem is we are using single-use plastic cups at afterschool club.

Not everyone is aware that 500 billion plastic cups are used every year. Did you know that 1 million plastic bottles are sold every minute? It is also a fact that five trillion plastic bags are used worldwide each year and 99% are thrown away. I was shocked to learn that each living human owns a tonne of plastic.

Single-use plastic is a worldwide catastrophe that we need to address. We should all be aware of the following facts:
– 90% of seabirds have mistaken plastic for fish
– Experts think that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea
– One in three turtles have eaten a plastic bag.
– Each year, 100,000 sea creatures are killed by plastic.

It is clear that plastic is very destructive so we need to take action starting with no plastic cups in afterschool club.

Yours sincerely

Rafi Aziz


Dear Ms Atkins

I’ve been wanting to tell you about single-use plastic for a long time now. This letter is especially aimed at breakfast club and afterschool club too. I want you to tell them to use reusable cups which can be washed and used again.

Did you know that 500 billion single-use plastic are used each year? Not only that, it is a little known fact that over one million plastic bottles are used by humans every minute.

The impact of plastic is a BIG problem for planet Earth and our generation. Let me tell you some interesting facts:
– Every year 100,000 sea animals are killed by plastic
– Soon there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish
– The Pacific Garbage Patch is three times bigger than France.

I’m sure you will agree that we need to stop this and we need to start using recyclable cups in afterschool club and breakfast club. Young children like us care about our planet and the world we live in.

Yours sincerely

Kia Sturgeon

Autumn verse

The children experimented with writing verses with a similar rhythm and rhyming pattern to the poem we looked at yesterday.  The idea today was just to have fun and try out some rhymes. We’ll have a go at writing longer poems tomorrow.

School is starting
What a bummer!
Autumn’s coming
Bye bye summer!

Back to school
Acorns, conkers
Rust red leaves
Let’s go bonkers!

Autumn’s here
What a cheer
Pumpkin spiced lattes are back
But I hope there aren’t mice in my flat!

Summer’s ending
Back to school
Lots of friends
Very cool!

Dog’s barking
Conkers falling
Autumn’s here
How appalling!

Summer is ending
Leaves are falling
Dogs are barking
Autumn is calling.

Back to school
Then hibernation
Autumn’s here
An abomination.

Autumn’s coming
Swallows fly
Down to Italy
Swooping through the sky.

Trick or treat!
Scary costumes
Lots of sweets

Shorter days
Brighter lights
Buying presents
What a delight!

Autumn is colourful
Red, brown and green
Prickly conkers
Under the tree.

Summer is over
Autumn is coming
Leaves are falling
Acorns are cracking.

Back to school
Autumn breeze
Grey skies
Golden trees.

Dusting the planet Mars

The children started planning their own stories today.  The idea was to use The Baboon on the Moon (whose job is to light up the moon each evening) as inspiration, but to change planet, character and job.  Here’s a selection of the children’s great ideas for the job that their character will be doing in the stories they write starting with Thanh’s character’s endless task of sweeping up all the red dust on Mars!  Do ask your children about their story ideas if you get the chance this evening.

Dusting on Mars – Thanh

Reporting alien activity – Lynden

Photographing Jupiter’s giant red spot – Niccolo

Recording the violent storms on Neptune – Juliette

Making Venus safe from asteroids – Kenza

Directing the orbits of the planets – Harry

Bus driver on Saturn – Tom

Mountaineer climbing the massive volcanoes on Mars – Reuben

Researcher collecting samples of rocks and minerals on Uranus – Azeeza

A dragon keeping the storms raging on Jupiter – Abdi

Searching for dinosaurs on Saturn – Jake

Making sure Mars spins in the correct direction – Annie

Polishing the rings of Saturn – Sam

Ice racing on Saturn’s rings – Rufus

Welcome Kingsley!

Most importantly, a warm welcome to Kingsley Imoisili who has joined the class, taking us back to our full complement of 30.

We had a good day.  In maths, we were working with 1000s,  We’ll aim this year to make the children comfortable working with numbers up to 10,000.  In the photo below, the class is using a structure called Quiz Quiz Trade to practise maths skills – you could ask your son or daughter to explain how it works.



In English we discussed what we mean by a story’s setting and tried out language for describing the moon (“The cold silent grey moon shimmered in the darkness of the galaxy – Melisa The moon’s hard bumpy surface was dotted with circular craters – Reuben. The barren, silver moon covered with giant craters glistened in the dark universe – Rafi ) 

In PE, we started to learn to play the fast-moving sport of handball.  Today was mostly throwing and catching skills – we’ll learn more about the game and play some competitive matches over the coming weeks.