Book reviewer of the week – Jake


Lots of the books in the original 100 classic books selected for the Rosendale Book Club have been read by many generations of children.  About Dogger, Jake wrote: “This was my dad’s favourite book when he was a boy so it is very old!”

It’s great to see the mysterious The Tiger Who Came to Tea on Jake’s bookshelf Jake wrote: “It is quite strange that a tiger ate all of their food.”  I agree!   A funny story I read about the book was that the publisher questioned the author (Judith Kerr) about the bit in the book where the tiger crams its head into the sink and drinks “all the water in the tap” saying that it was “rather unrealistic.”  Her response was that she thought this was “odd in view of the rest of the story!”

Jake also wrote this great review of David Walliams’ The Demon Dentist who, I learned, is really a witch who takes out all of some poor boy’s teeth!  Yikes! 

“I read this book and it was about a boy that had bad teeth and he lived with his dad who was very sick and is in a wheelchair (he didn’t have a mum). A new dentist comes to his school who is really a witch and she takes out all his teeth! Alfie has a friend who is a girl called Gabz and there is also a woman called Winnie who tries to look after him and make him go to the dentist (a social worker) and she wears really bright clothes and rides a little moped. At the end his dad dies in the mine where the witch lived which made me feel sad for Alfie but there is a happy ending because he gets a new mum and dad with Winnie who ends up marrying Raj from the sweet shop.”


Christmas challenge

The Christmas challenge is to read and review one of the original 100 books from the Rosendale Book Club:

As I’ve said to the class, it need not be a standard ‘book review’ type comment but might be just personal thoughts about the book.  What I’d mainly like to discourage are generic ‘The book was great/rubbish’ type comments.

Here’s the idea behind the book club and a short explanation of how it works:

And here’s some background about the 100 books that were eventually selected:

A number of other books have since been added under the ‘New books’ tab and I hope to add current 4TBM favourites over the holiday.

Thanks for the wonderful class card and for the vouchers.  Much appreciated.   

Have a great holiday everyone

Rosendale Book Club

Still on the reading theme, if you’re looking for ideas for great children’s literature, why not have a look at the Rosendale Book Club:  

The original 100 books were chosen, a few years ago, by the whole Rosendale community.  They’re some of the best children’s books ever written. We browsed the picture books today where the children saw lots of old favourites.   The 100 books also include A Bear Called Paddington which we’ve been enjoying as a class.  For anyone interested, this is how the 100 books were chosen:

We will start using the book club as a class after half term.