Science results

Five days after immersing our eggs in vinegar, orange juice, coca cola, tea and water, we examined the results and drew conclusions.

Egg immersed in vinegar

Here are some of Sam, Hollie and Tom’s detailed observations and conclusions.

  • The liquids had different effects on the eggs most of the time.
  • The vinegar dissolved the egg shell the most because it is an acid.
  • In the orange juice, the egg shell only half dissolved because orange juice is less acidic than vinegar
  • The egg shell in the cola only dissolved a bit.   Even though it contains sugar, it isn’t a strong acid.  The sugar damages your teeth when it mixes with bacteria in your mouth.
  • Water did not damage the egg shell and would be the best to drink for your teeth and health.  Water did not change anything because it is neutral.
  • The tea stained the egg but did not dissolve it.  (Whenever you spill tea at home it makes a stain.)
  • Order of strongest acids:
    •  vinegar
    • orange juice
    • coca cola
    • tea and water are not acids
  • Toothpaste helped to protect the eggs from acid and tea staining.



Science – learning about out teeth

Our first science project is on our teeth and digestive system.  The children started by examining one another’s teeth and looking at their own in the mirror, and then we discussed what we already know and what we’d like to find out about teeth.  Here are some of the many interesting questions the children came up with.  We’ll try to explore and answer lots of them over the coming weeks.

  • Why do teeth exist?
  • Are teeth living things?
  • How do you feel things through your teeth?
  • Why are teeth shaped like they are? 
  • Why are there different sorts of teeth?
  • Why don’t babies have teeth?
  • What’s the average number of teeth for children and adults?  Is it the same?
  • Why do teeth wobble and then fall out?
  • Why do you have milk teeth and then adult teeth?  And why don’t adult teeth re-grow when you lose them?
  • Why do teeth decay?   
  • Do teeth affect your personality?00EE30C2-F7F7-4072-838D-3C6533DC14D7